Learn to Fight in a Month

Want to learn to fight in just a single month? With my “Learn to Fight in a Month” system & dedicated training it’s now totally possible!

Now Only $9.95!

You don’t need 6 months or a year. This complete training system will take you through session-by-session and day-by-day, teaching you all the skills and techniques you need in just one month! From explaining all the equipment you need, to helping you establish a training schedule to achieve your goals, this manual takes everything pro fighters take years to learn and condenses it into a power-packed, highly accelerated, 4-week training manual. It’s now just up to you to make the commitment and put in the effort.

In this system you get:

  • Complete training structure from getting started as a novice to the full-on training sessions that pro fighters follow;
  • Details of every technique fully covered, explained and demonstrated in shadowboxing, bag work, pad work and in fights;
  • References to highly relevant posts and videos on the web, so you know what to watch for and what to pay special attention to;
  • Session-by-session break down of all the training across the whole month, building up each week with added techniques and variations on the training routines;
  • Includes bag work sessions and pad sessions, so you get the same routines as professional fighters do.
  • Want to train with a friend? Even better – split the cost and accelerate your training even more!

We researched all the fighter systems out there. None of them combine all the elements into a single manual like this one. You will not find any other fighter training system that is as concise as this with everything you need, so don’t waste your time trying to learn from thick, boring books. Get this concise system now and get started today!

Now Only $9.95!