How To Make a Punching Bag

If you like training outdoors and want a punching bag that you could leave out and it’s not going to deteriorate in the weather, then make yourself one of these. I made this one from old tires that I got for free from a tire place. Most tire places will be happy to donate some old tires if you tell them why you need them. In the video below is a basic overview of how to make one yourself.

Basic 5-Step Instructions for How To Make a Punching Bag:

  1. Visit your local tire shop and ask them for 6 old tires. Tell them it’s for a punching bag and they will be happy to let you have them for free.
  2. Buy two PVC pipes the length of your stack of tires.
  3. Drill holes on either side of each tire, making sure all the wholes line up, so you can thread your PVC pipes through all the holes, thus holding the tires together.
  4. Use rope to leach the tires together and stop them from coming apart.
  5. Extend part of the rope from each side of the tires to create a loop for hanging your tire punching bag.

Detailed Instructions:

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Here’s what the Full Instructions look like: