Guard Stance & Movement

In this video Nathan Carnage Corbett demonstrates the typical Muay Thai stance:

The next video below is  good demonstration of the guard stance and typical movement in a real fight. These two fighters have over time adopted their own unique style of movement and stance based on their style of fighting. However key elements remain the same: hands near the face, elbows not sticking out, head down, shoulders arched forward, legs slightly apart with one leg slightly back, knees slightly bent. The fighter moves around by taking small steps while maintaining the guard stance. Watch the video and try to simulate this movement in your shadowboxing, pad training and technique drills.

Note that a more experienced fighter might often relax their guard stance or lower it substantially. That’s mainly because they get to a stage where they can just about predict the opponent’s movements and anticipate punches or kicks. Their fighting stance becomes more relaxed and natural. However it takes many years to get to that stage.

Moving Around the Ring

Moving around the ring or fighting space is just as important. Watch the video below where Nathan Carnage Corbett demonstrates and explains correct movement around the ring, how not to get cornered and how to get out of a corner if you are forced into it.